Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADD Centre, Toronto

Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder ( C.H.A.D.D.) works to improve lives of people with ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder Association :for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders

ADD Group
The Douglas Academy: private school for students with LD & ADD,2916,23,00.html

Information on LD and ADHD at Family Education Network
Sassafrass Grove

The Samji Clinic


All Disorders

Beach Centre on Disability

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - Stop Bullying Now - Take a Stand; Lend a Hand

Charity Village: Supersite for Canada 's nonprofit sector

Canuck Care resources/books for "Helping the Helpers" by Kent Laidlaw
**** Books Published by Links To Learning Board Member Joan Burton

Centre For Disease Control (CDC) This has an outstanding Kids'WebQuest on disabillity & health

The Autistic Spectrum

Christina Guinn (listmate) has some developmental milestones at her web site
Family Village - A Global Community of Disability - Related Resources

Hand-writing without Tears - The Hands-On Curriculum for Hand-writing Success

Higher Education and the Handicapped (HEATH)

Integra (and Camp Towhee): Counseling Services LDs, youth, families, children

Me To We: Canadian Living Magazine inspires people to organization & change the world!

National Mental Health Institute

News for ODSP From Ontario Disability - News for ODSP recipients

Out On A Limb - a guide to getting along -PBS


The Association of Chief Psychologists with Ontario School Boards is a voluntary professional organization, whose web site provides reliable and research-based information to help students, parents, teachers and others better understand many of the psychological issues related to learning and development.

International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology

Samji Clinic - Helping Children Reach Their Peak Potential

SNOW- Special Needs Opportunity Windows - Snow Kids Empowerment Zone

Stormy Stormy Weather SoftWare's Healthy Children/Healthy Communities site for the county

Self Injury site (autism & others)

Life Skills for Vocational Success

Recreation: Camps: Special Needs : a list of international camps for kids with special needs



Site on developmental coordination disorder (DCD) out of McMaster U



Distinguished lecturer Series: UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute

The National Fragile X Foundation


Autism Society

Series of Autism Links

Autism Speaks

Autism Quest Kid's Quest On Disability and Health, Autism Quest. This is an outstanding WebQuest by the Centers for Disease Control to help kids learn about autism as a disability, attitudes associated with autism, symptoms, misunderstandings, and having a person with autism in your family. This site would be valuable for classmates, as well as autistic students themselves to get a better understanding of how others see them.

Olga Bogdashina (linguist; has son with autism) & topics on sensory and/or perceptual nature of autistics people.

ESL as a tool for Autism

Geneva Centre: autism/PDD

Nathan Ory (psychologist) - many written articles ry

Williams' Books recommended anything by Donna Williams

Sondra is from Columbus, Ohio; is active, speaks at conferences. Supposed to be excellent if you get a chance to hear her.

University of Alberta

Summary of Asperger's traits and techniques

Aspergers Tips - A Quick-Start Guide to the World of Asperger's Syndrome

Anything by Tony Attwood, PhD. My favorite book: Asperger's Syndrome at Amazon but also at Jessica Kingsley Press

Dallas Asperger Network for Information, Support and Help - DANISH

Other books by Jessica Kingsley Press: Hitchhiking Through Asperger Syndrome by Lise Pyles; Pretending to be Normal by Liane Holliday Willey and Eating an Artichoke by Echo Fling.  At times you can find second had copies of books at A good way to save money.

Online Asperger Syndrome Information & Support - OASIS

Adults with Autism/Asperger's Give Good Insights:

Hubert Cross web site (dx at age 45) & his take on Simon Baron-Cohen's Mindblindness. Some interesting Simon Baron-Cohen & MIT books Mindblindness

Now Daniel's Autism Insights

Temple Grandin Books & Web site

HFA/Asperger's/Frank Klein - Autistic Advocacy
Also read his article on: Sensory Overload

Wendy Lawson's page

Dawn Prince-Hughes - first-hand accounts of autism

Marc Seger, The Battles of the Autistic Thinker from A Survival Guide for People with Autism

Dave Spicer - autistic writer and speaker (before and after dx at age 46)

Lianne Willey - Web site don't miss her book as posted above and here is a review: Pretending to be Normal

Understanding Autism in Adults

Other Autism Issues:

Tips for helping with Executive Function by using "Reminders & Checklists"

Canadian Hyperlexia Association provides valuable recources on children with hyperlexia

Self Injury site (autism & others)

Tourettes syndrome has many qualities & conditions which cross with autism & Asperger's. So read up at this tourette's site - for example Executive Function

The psychiatrist who translated Hans Asperger's papers into English because her son needed an accurate diagnosis, Lorna Wing, also founded 1962 National Autistic Society of Great Britain. See her articles at Wikipedia

Autism Speaks, Home Page

Autism Websites Collection

Distinguished Lecturer Series: UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute


Blindness/Impaired Vision

Blind, Low Vision

Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D): alternative formats



Cyberwink: Dyslexia & learning differences

Dyslexia Parent: Great site

Earobics (on sale at

International Dyslexia Association (IDA): continues the work of Dr. Samuel T. Orton

Institute for Multi-Sensory Education

Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D): alternative formats



The Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD): for higher education

A to Z Teacher Stuff Network

Educational Material for Kids

Links to other sites re: education

Family Education Network,1120,23-7957-0-2,00.html

Government of Ontario, Special Needs Children

Government of Ontario, Special Education

Higher Education and the Handicapped (HEATH)

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights - A National Center based in Minnesota

School Express

Special Ed. Needs copyable resources

Special Ed links

Top Education and Teacher Sites

Publisher - teaching

Resources Links for Teachers

Work Station Ideas


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)

FASLINK Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society - Research, Information, Support & Communications

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Consultation, Education and Training Services, Inc.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Assistance & Training (Ontario)

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Lesson Plans, a teacher's resource for grade 8 and 9

Family Support/Parenting Links Anger management for all ages

A guide to getting along with others

Speechwriting Program


Psychometric Testing
"Learning problems not always easy to identify"

"Map of mind at work"

"Educational assessment: Portrait of a learner"

Fathers' Network

National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families, Inc.

Exceptional Parent Magazine


Gifted Children

Canadian Site on Gifted Students: ABC Ontario

Uniquely Gifted Hearing/Speech Impairment


Hearing Impaired
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA):

American Sign Language Browser


Menieres disease

Speaking of Speech
Speech/language pathologists and teachers


Links to Learning - Ontario group of links for Linking you to Web Sites supporting the Ontario curriculum (K-8)


First School Years


Home Schooling Information Independent guide illustrating everything there is to know about home schooling including information to help parents choose the proper curriculum for their children as well as teaching hints and resources.

Why our family home schools



Homeschooling Children Who 'Aut' to be Home

Kulp Homeschool - special needs and tips

Learning Styles

LD Online

Sassafrass Grove Homeschooling

Ten Steps to Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

Local (Belleville & Area)

Quinte Literacy Group
185B Pinnacle St. Belleville

Typical Course of Study - per grade

Dance Mat Typing Free Kids Typing Course by the BBC


Brain fun

Canadian National Library & Canadian National Archives - go to student part.

Canadian Geographic

Simple dictionary for kids with many links



Readers Digest - On-line Homework Sites :

Try these sites when your kids' questions have you stumped:

“Mom, how do you spell…?”
OneLook searches more than 700 dictionaries and
This site answers questions about grammar and language. Great for perennial conundrums like “affect” vs. “effect.”

“What are reciprocals?”
At this site, you can ask Dr. Math any math question from kindergarten to Grade 12. There's also a mathematics library, an archive of common questions and sections on geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus.

“My science project is due tomorrow and I haven't started it yet.”
This offers a fun anatomy lesson for kids of all ages. Just click on the body parts you want to learn about. Or try:
Planets and the solar system are the focus here. This site takes you on an awesome multimedia tour that includes history and mythology.

“Where are the pyramids?”
Students examining ancient cultures should look at The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, an extremely popular site with maps, photographs and links. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Lighthouse of Alexandria, each architectural feat is described in language that's clear, yet still evokes a sense of mystery.

“Who invented zero?” boasts more than 50,000 articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia. While you must pay for other Net reference guides (for example, Britannica On-line access costs US$5 a month), this one's free.

“Could someone please help me with this essay?”
This site offers possible essay topics, on-line researching hints, plus an on-line chat room to discuss concerns with other students.
Kids' links for fun educational games
Neuroscience for Kids
National Wildlife Federation
Wildlife Canada


Kids’ Links

A Learning Disabilities Association of Canada site for students with learning disabilities; developed by young people coping with learning disabilities; geared toward youth with a focus on completing high school, getting to and succeeding in a post secondary environment, and successfully transitioning into a career path after completing a degree.
All school subjects by grade/interactive online games

Typing skills fun learning site (dance mat typing)



ARCH Toronto: a legal resource center for persons with disabilities
416 482-2981

The Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD): for higher education

Disabilities: Legal & Financial Estate Planning
to view the full details for each seminar at Ken Pope's web site or book him to speak to a group near you.

INFOline: provides free & confidential referrals
Justice for Children and Youth: Canadian Foundation for Children and Youth and the Law

Ask Lindsay Moir: the retired childhood education expert answers parents question at this site/advocacy
Comhnadh Consulting, London, ON


Learning Disabilities

All Kinds of Minds

Arrowsmith School remedial brain exercises

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Division of LD (DLD):
for special educators

Do2learn: Games, songs, communication cards, print resources, and information for special needs

The Douglas Academy: private school for students with LD & ADD

Information on LD and ADHD at Family Education Network,2916,23,00.html

Hunter School

LD Resources: learning & technology

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario LDAO

LDAKingston: lending library & facilitator Strategies Conference LDA

LD Association of America (LDA): 775 chapters affiliates

LD on Line, An Interactive Guide to Learning Disabilities: in depth info

LDs & Dysgraphia

Loyalist College S.O.A.R. Office

NationalCenter for LDs (NCLD): programs to improve the lives of LD

National Information Centre for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY):
clearinghouse of information on disability related issues

Non Verbal Learning Disorders Association (NLDA)

Sequential Memory

Schwab articles

Kid's site on LDs from Scwabb called Spark Top

Coordinated Campaign for LD: funded by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation
1 (800)888 GR8 MIND


Life Skills

Local (Belleville Area)
Children's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO)

Counseling Services of Belleville and District

Dr. Stephen Dukoff, Psychologist, Kingston West Psychological Services, 632 McKay Street, Kingston K7M 5V9.  (613) 384-3114.  Offers assessments, self-referrals are acceptable (unless physician referral is required by third party payers), assessment costs are $1500-$2000, and waiting time for assessments is about a month. Many years experience with both school boards
and learning disabilities. Web site

Edith Fox Life & Loss Centre
Edith Fox Life & Loss Centre can do public seminars on the losses within the family unit as they embrace the differences with their children.
- Kathleen Foster-Morgan 613 476-1128. They also have an 8 weeks course for kids on grieving called Lambs for Children to teach kids to embrace all the feelings of life.

Ministry of Community and Social Services: the provincial government department based in Kingston

Northumberland County links to Kids' Sites: some fun, some educational

Terry Sprague web site Quinte Conservation

Quinte Parents Online



AIMS Education Foundation: Activities Integrating Mathematics & Science

Alberta Online Consortium - Online Education For All Learners

BBC Schools

Countdown - Loyola U. Chicago School of Ed.

Games Central

Interactive Teachers

Internet 4 Classrooms

KidZone Math

Kids Kount

Math and Reading Help For Kids: directory of hundreds of original articles and resources dealing with children's education.

Cool Math 4 Kids

Kids & math

Interactive Mathematics

Math Teaching Resources from

Math problem solving

Math Lesson Plans  


Elementary Science Games, Lesson Plans and information
Free articles and Information for elementary science teachers

Math Games and online practice

Free Subtraction worksheets

Check math activities and science centers (kindergarten stuff)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Other Medical/Research


Teach a child to read

First School Years



Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD)

Pocket full of therapy - Occupational Therapy products (Occupational Therapy)

Community at SPD Network Resources for the Sensory Processing Disorder

Website of Auer Therapeutic Services  Sensory Processing Disorder

Review Sensory Integration Dysfunction: The Out of Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz.

Special Education Resources

Reading for All Learners program

Private site with lots of good ideas



AROGA - Downloads

AROGA - Specializing in Assistive Technology

Bridges - Canada - Assistive Technology & Seminars

Site for Physically Disabled Canadians to get Donations of Computers or Wheelchairs or Ramps Made - Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation

Frontier Computing

LD Resources: learning & technology

Microcomputer Science Centre Inc. - dedicated to serving disabled Canadians with their adaptive technology needs for 25 Years

Stormy Stormy Weather SoftWare's Healthy Children/Healthy Communities site for the county

U of Toronto, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre: computer-based or

Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto - Web Resources

Quality Software Related Products for Visual Learners

Vocal Links

Site for physically disabled Canadians to get donations of computers or wheelchairs or ramps made,

Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourettes syndrome has many qualities & conditions which cross
with other disorders.




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