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Testimonials From Parents

My two sons have benefited from this program by giving them more of a understanding that with the right tools, reading is fun and not just a part of school work... My youngest has been taught how to read and how to sound out letters. My oldest has been taught how to read using expressions and using different tones of his voice to make the book more fun to read. There was lots of books and games and learning toys and movies at Links To Learning for them to come in and sign out to bring home and use. When my boys first started the challenge to read 100 books they were like "wow" that is a lot of books we have to read. But they took the challenge and really plugged in. Well in no time they had read 100 books. They could not believe they were at 100 already. So then they took the challenge to read 500 books. And they made it. Both my boys read 500 books. One son is reading much better and is using different tones and is more fluent now. The other is reading on his own with some help but he has come along way since he started. Links to Learning is great place to go if your child is having problems with reading... I would like to thank Joan and her eldest for all the help they have given my boys and getting them to be able to read like they do now. And for showing them that reading is lots of fun. My children have said to me mom "READING ROCKS!"...... They both can not wait until they start their next challenge...

Thanks for all your help!

Michelle Donaldson

How has your family (child) benefited from the Reading Rocks! program?

My daughter (age 6, home schooled) - When she asked to sign up for the Reading Rocks! program in June of 2004, she was just starting to read and had read only one book. I reluctantly let her sign up, not at all sure that she could read the 500 books. By January 2005, she had read 500 books and has since read 600 more. I recently checked her reading level with an informal reading assessment tool provided by Links. Although she should be in grade one, she is now reading at a fourth grade level. The Reading Rocks! program is the only reading program my daughter has used.

My son (age 4, home schooled, severely hearing impaired) - He has been involved in the summer segment of the Reading Rocks! program for the past two years. Because he was not yet reading independently, I have read to him. I have also signed the stories to him using American Sign Language. He enjoys putting stickers on his chart to mark off every 20 books read. Although my son wears hearing aids, he misses most of what is being said around him. Snuggling up together with a pile of books is great for him. It puts me close to his hearing aid, so he can have the best possible amplification of my voice. Although, his speech is not clear to people outside of our family, my son has a good understanding of English grammar, and a very good vocabulary for a young child with a severe hearing loss. This has a lot to do with our times reading together. He is now working on learning to read himself, with a program Links provided at my request. He looks forward to reading the books himself next year.

My daughter is ten and was later than most kids to begin reading but once she started she found she enjoyed it and was ready to take the challenge to read a 100 books and then read to 500 for last January's Literacy Day. In January of last year she signed up to read unlimited for a year and has read 803 books in the year. She has widened her genre and increased her reading level. At first she wanted to stay with simple books but has moved on to higher levels and now enjoys reading novels and will frequently take out a number of books belonging to a series. Through READING ROCKS!, my daughter learned what a goal is and how to achieve it, one book at a time. She really wanted to reach a thousand books this year but near the end of it she found she would have to hurry to read that many and decided that she would be happy with the number she reached. Once this year on a science test she knew an answer not because she had heard it in class but because she had read it in a book!

My son is going to be 12 this month. He did not like to read and was not very good at it. He has come a long way over the last few years since we have been involved with this program. He still doesn't like to read a lot but is more comfortable at doing so. All his teachers have mentioned he has improved in his over all reading abilities. He also understands more of what he has read. This program is beyond words. It has helped my family in so many ways. Thank you for all your help volunteers, Joan and everyone at Links.

My son is 9 years old. He likes reading but has difficulties & tries to avoid doing so. Links To Learning has given him the confidence to try and has gotten a lot better in the few years we have been involved with Reading Rocks. His teachers say he tries hard and even tries to read out loud along with a group. Something he never wanted to do before. Thanks again for everything. The Reading Rocks! program is fantastic for all children.

Client Feedback

As an older mother with 2 children already raised and on their own I thought my third child would be easy to raise. After all I was experienced. Boy was I wrong!

I couldn't understand this child. All the child rearing books and strategies did not work. School was a struggle-everything we did was wrong and helpful people tried to give advice on what to do. Finally after many consultations and doctor's visits I was directed to the Links to Learning Resource Centre. When my child was diagnosed with a disorder I had to find out about it and how to live from day to day with it. I did not know anything about this disorder or how to make my child understand what was required of him every day. How could I give him what he needed when I couldn't understand where to begin?

When I first came to the Links to Learning Resource Centre I was confused and uncertain, but people there were so helpful and friendly and got me on the right track with books, videos and discussions on what I might try. I finally began to understand what my child was dealing with. I found help at the Centre in dealing with my child's disorder and it has made me more confident. I think the Links to Learning Centre is a great place-run by caring, competent people.

A Centre Member

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