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Reading Rocks!

Reading Rocks! is a free reading program aimed at all ages and stages of reading. Parents can phone the Links to Learning Resource Centre (613-968-8700) to book a reading assessment and interview, and to tour the centre. Each child is then placed in an appropriate reading level and books may be borrowed from that level.

Your child will be encouraged to read 100 books before the Annual Family Literacy Day Awards Celebration.

Each child receives a book bag, a reading log and a prize for each 20 books read. Any book counts!

Older children (generally grade 4 and up) who are reading novels prefer to start as “page turners” where they keep track of all pages read in one year.

How Reading Rocks! is Organized

Our most popular program - the one that teaches kids to love reading. Find out more about it - below.

You can call Reading Rocks at (613) 968-8700. We are open Monday 4 - 7pm, Wednesday 10am - 1pm, and Saturday 1-4pm. The address is 188 Victoria Ave, Belleville (around the back).

The Program runs January 27 to December 31st annually. It is free. Any child can join. All children start with the goal of reading 100 books in a years especially if they are in grades senior kindergarten to grade 3. Older Students who are reading novels prefer to start as
"page turners" where they keep track of all pages read in a year. Any book counts. Reading
Rocks! specializes in providing easy to read, hard to get reading material.

How Reading Rocks! is Organized

Level A

Many of the books for level A readers are bought through special order because we look for one to three word sentences per page. When we have enough, they are sorted.

After sorting, the books are grouped in piles of ten or less depending on size, and put into bags.

After being put into a bag, the bag is written on to show content and color labeled.

Red, blue, green or yellow are the sticker colors. The most basic books are labelled with red - while a green sticker denotes a higher level of reading ability that includes basic words.


Level B,C & D

Each participant is given a Reading Rocks! bag and reading log.

Level B, C and D are also sorted and bagged. B is equivalent to a solid grade 2 reader and C & D can range from grade 3 to grade 5 readers. Bags hold approximately 20 books, making it easy to carry, store and then read the books at home.


Older Books

We have a great selection of older readers. If you recognize these and know where to get us some more of these gems please let us know. They are so popular with the kids in all levels that they are often being waited for by other children. We would especially love to see more of the grade 1 readers as we have incomplete sets from both School Boards. These were used in the 60's early 70's and are a hot, hot item in this reading program. Mr.Mugs is also making a comeback!


Participants who are just starting are encouraged to move along the track by reading 20 books before making a move. A student photo represents the child’s marker. Children who succeed in reading one hundred books are encouraged to keep going or take a pit stop. Page Turners is a popular group for older efficient readers and has participants logging how many pages they read in a year. Parents are invited to join as a page turner too and log their pages read over the course of a year.

All participants get a free book to start with.



Reading Round Up! is a low-cost tutoring program for children with significant gaps in their reading level or for those about to enter grade 1 and are ready to learn to read. A fee of $5 applies for each lesson.

A one-time materials fee of $10 is charged at the sign-up of the child. 20 minutes of daily practice outside the program is encouraged.

Reading Drop-In is a free drop in opportunity for children looking for someone to read to them or listen to them read. Language-based games can also be played.


2009 Achievements

4 months

1. William Read 104 books
2. Andrew Read 165 books
3. Tyler Read 120 books
4. Alexandra Read 100 books
5. Doug Read 76 books
6. Curtis Read 20 books
7. Kaleb Read 10 books
8. Natasha Read 32 books

6 months

9. Maya Read 224 books
10. Caleb Read 262 books
11. Breanna Read 240 books
12. Drew Read 180 books
13. Matthew Read 100 books
14. Olivia Read 100 books
15. Colby Read 100 books
16. Otis Turned  1,250 pages
17. Amanda Read 188 books
18. Donald Read 189 books
19. Joey Read 500 books

7 months to 1 year

20. Brendin Read 250 books
21. Madison Read 150 books
22. Liam Read 842 books
23. Emily Read 430 books
24. Emily Read 147 books
25. Levy Read 118 books
26. Emily Read 125 books
27. Catherine Turned 17,800 pages
28. Matthew Turned 30,334 pages
29. Blaine Turned 15,612 pages
30. Jon Turned 16,724 pages
31. Hudson Read 428 books
32. Stephanie Read 408 books
33. Justin Read 578 books
34. Curtis Read 295 books
35. Grace Read 200 books
36. Emma Read 200 books
37. Roman Read 202 books
38. Erica Read 650 books
39. Courtney Read 650 books
40. Riley Read 250 books
41. Sureena Read 200 books
42. Ty Turned  18,976 pages
43. Zach Turned  2,151 pages
44. Joshua Read 65 books
45. Natasha Read 1,337 books
46. Lucas Read 450 books
47. Maria Turned 7,701 pages
48. Phoenix Read 49 books
49. Alison Read 100 books
50. Janice                                  Read 1,000 books
51. Luke Read 35 books
52. Dylan Read 40 books


53.Pattie Turned 12,518 pages
54.Joan Turned 36,514 pages
55.Jennifer Turned 4,411 pages
56.Melanie Turned 6,000 pages


2008 Achievements

4 months

Levy Read 101 books
Roman Read 50 books
McKenzee Read 107 books
Emily Read 15 books
Sawyer Read 33 books

6 months

Emma Read 150 books
Grace Read 150 books
Emily Read 137 books
Curtis Read 80 books
Justin Read 62 books
Spiro Read 539 books
Natasha Read 105 books
Adrienne Read 110 books
Lucas Read 114 books
Jesse Read 29 books
Courtney & Erica Read 600 books
Jonathan Read 583 books
Blaine Read 586 books
Nate Read 105 books
Zachary Read 250 books
Elliot Read 36 books

12 months

Austin Read 504 books
Janice< Read 1,300 books
Melanie Turned 7,815 pages
Christopher Read 509 books
Hudson Read 178 books
Stephanie Read 182 books
Nathaniel Turned 8,710 pages
Brendin Read 500 books
Cameron Read 382 books
Josh Read 50 books
Catherine Turned 17,000 pages
Matthew Read 700 books
Maria Turned 3,783 pages
Katie Read 300 books
Nick Read 100 books
Todd Read 100 books


2007 Reading Rocks! Achievements

2006 Reading Rocks! Achievements

Cody: 500 Books 
Hannah: 500 Books

Janice: 5032 Page Turner
Anastasia: 500 Books

Cole: 812 Books
Nathaniel: 812 Books

Logan: 400 Books
Jordan: 100 Books

Dylan: 300 Books
Bobby: 40 Books

Nickolas: 30 Books
Emma: 150 Books
Brittany: 100 Books

Christian: 1127 Page Turner
Brennan: 2252 Page Turner

Brianna: 155 Books
Connor: 150 Books
Cody: 150 Books

Ryan: 100 Books
Maria: 500 Books

Josh: 164 Books
Emily: 300 Books

Emily: 162 Books
Jesse: 600 Books

Devin: 500 Books
Amanda: 25 Books

Sierra: 42 Books
Samantha: 61 Books

Mackenzie: 20 Books
Matthew: 125 Books

Catherine: 500 Books
Melanie: 5912 Page Turner

Colin: 186 Books


Did You Know?

In 5 years, a total of 29,964 books were read!
In 2008, 9,090 books were read!
In 2007, 6,634 books were read!
In 2006, 7,300 books were read!
In 2005, 3,940 books were read!
In 2004, 3,000 books were read !
In 2008, there were a total of 38,608 pages turned!
In 2007, there were a total of 76,070 pages turned!
In 2006, there were a total of 25,000 pages turned!



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